January 20, 2009

Time for a Game...err..Play

Game : Chess
Location: My Desk @ Home
Bought @ : Hamleys, London
Now what about it : I first noticed a black and white folding board at a friends place during my early teens and ended up getting a free lesson about the various pieces and the way they move. The game trains you to be vigilant of the opponents movements. You can often catch me playing the game with my computer as my opponent. My Fiancé loves the game and has taken a new year resolution to beat my 'experienced' cousins at it. Ask me at the end of this year as to where we are at this game and I will tell you.


Shillu :: I have been pretty tied up at work the past couple of weeks. No time to click any new pics. We are planning a trip this coming weekend and I promise I will click many pics. Now, here is a pic I took of the Mississippi river when I went to watch a play while I was in the US. What you see here is a picture taken through the window with the reflection of the bridge & river on the glass of the window. You can read more about the play I watched that day here.