January 16, 2009


VJ :: Nibbles - Everyone loves to munch. Be it sweet or savoury. As a teenager, I used to love the 'Bombay Mixture' that my mother used to make with beaten rice (chivda), ground nuts, dried curry leaves and seasoning and it used to taste amazing. To tickle your taste buds let me tell you what you are looking at : Roasted-Caramelised Cashew nuts, white chocolate balls and dark chocolate balls. This picture was taken in the London Food Festival.


Shillu ::
Where? Our favourite Thai Restaurant
When? A warm, lazy Sunday afternoon
Why? The menu said "sizzling dessert", we thought "why not?"
What is it? A sizzling walnut brownie topped with a scoop of rich vanilla ice cream garnished with chocolate sauce. If you pay attention you can actually see some smoke coming from the brownie.
The verdict? It disappeared in a minute, luckily I got this pic before it was gone. Lip smacking is the word!