January 29, 2009

Indian splendor

Shillu :: India is such a beautiful country with rich history. South India is very famous for beautiful temples constructed centuries back. For a couple of weeks starting today I am going to share pictures of such temples from various trips. Let me know how you like them. This is the picture of Chalukya temple in Karnataka
If you would like to know the story behind each of these pictures you can find it here
VJ :: Good Morning! Have you ever seen the sunrise by the beach? I have done it and this is my picture.
Location: Kailashgiri, Vizag
Date: 3 Jan 2008
Time: 5:15am
Mohan, a colleague of mine and I went on a early morning drive to capture the sunrise by the beach in the coastal city of Visakhapatnam followed by breakfast at a beach view cafe. Awesome experience marked the start of a great day.


bee said...

thanks for dropping by, dear shillu. you have a unique, beautiful space here.

VJ-Shillu said...

Thank you Bee. We are flattered. Jugalbandi is our favourite!