July 30, 2009

CLICK July - Bi-colour

This months theme for our favourite event 'Click' is Bi-colour. This event is hosted by Jai & Bee of Jugalbandi
Here is our entry - Cheese & Crackers

Time for a break

Shillu :: This little angel flew in to relax under the shade of the money plant leaves and was checking out the cute couple driving by.
VJ :: Resting on a sunny afternoon
Location: Shravanabelagola
Time : 1445Hrs IST
In Hassan District of Karnataka, right opposite the Chandragiri Hill, is where this hand carved Ganesha was found taking a nap on a sunny afternoon, amidst the other idols. Also notice that he has lost a lot of weight, could it be due to the summer heat in India?

July 28, 2009

Happy times

Shillu :: Its Aabharan's 1st anniversary! Its my first blog & I am happy celebrating.
VJ :: The Trio- Jagannath- Subhadra & Balabhadra I was brought up in Orissa and I consider it lucky because I learnt a lot..the language, the culture, the traditions and more so the Gods that people worship. This Trio of Jagannath (Lord Krishna), Shubhadra (His Sister) and Balabhadra (Balrama) are worshiped without fail. Every year, truck loads of people reach Puri in the month of June to pull the chariot... a procession, which is an activity described as God's way of socializing with his creation.

July 26, 2009

Vibrant colors

VJ :: One of our friends gifted us these Feng-Shui candles that have a nice aroma.
Shillu :: The request on this garbage bin caught my attention. ...Make my day....mmm... :)

July 23, 2009


VJ ::
Walking on the Pier,
Location: Isle of White.
As soon as you get off the ship from Portsmouth, you walk this pier to reach the mainland- Isle of White. the pier is wide enough to accommodate vehicles, pedestrians and a train line. Walk it to enjoy it...
Shillu :: Juti's - Leather crafted foot wear for sale at a crafts fair in Bangalore. Though all of them look alike, you need to pay attention to the details to choose which one you like the most. I love all of them!

July 16, 2009


VJ :: Statue of Gomatheswara - When you climb 650 steps, you are on the top of the Chandragiri Hill, where the statue of Gomatheswara is located. I was told that this statue was carved out of a single monolith. However, what appealed to me was this a statue made of bronze that was placed at the foot of the giant statue. Notice the bronze bell placed next to it..have we all seen it somewhere and does it ring a bell ?

Shillu :: One more picture from the temple series. Unfortunately the head of this statue is missing - I am sure there is a story behind this...An invasion, a battle maybe?..

July 14, 2009


VJ :: Have you heard the legendary Dr. Chitti Babu's composition called- Temple Bells..when I took this picture, those were my first thoughts..I have seen in many temples in South India lately where it is forbidden to ring a bell.

Shillu :: Handmade copper bells in various sizes & forms for decorative purposes for sale.

July 5, 2009

Views from our visits'

VJ :: Walking up the stairs
Location: Portsmouth, UK.
When you visit Portsmouth, you cannot miss this new iconic building..the Spinnaker Tower..and if you decide to walk up the tower..this is the pattern you will see... hypnotizing isn't it?

Shillu :: A painted wooden mask on the wall of a service apartment we stayed in recently when we visited Chennai.