April 30, 2009

Indian Dance ballet-2

Shilpachaturyam :: This posture depicts the innate talent of the Shilpi (sculpture artist) during 304 BC. By way of the dance, the dance artist's portray carving and setting up the sculpture, which in this case is an entrance, also known as Dwaram. ~VJ~

April 29, 2009

Traditional Indian dance ballet-1

Shillu :: Brace yourself to watch some breathtaking pictures the next couple of days from VJ. When I looked at this collection I decided that these are too precious to be coupled with any of my pics. So I will only post VJ's pics for the next couple of days.

Panchamrutam - My fiancee and I went to watch a Bharatnatyam Dance Ballet called 'Ashoka'- meaning 'end of sorrow' and based on the life of King Ashoka. Various dancers young and old, held the audience captive with their enthralling expressions, gracious moves, apt mudras and above all, an outstanding performance..three cheers to the team 'Mangeeram' who presented this fusion dance ballet at Shilpa Kala Vedika on the occasion of Sree Rama Navami... VJ

April 28, 2009

Unity in diversity

VJ :: I woke up early on of the Saturday morning and started wandering with my camera and spotted this old mosque, which was probably 300 years old, if not more. What next, captured it and here you go...the rising sun coupled with a faint light played the perfect backdrop for this image.
Shillu :: A busy Indian railway platform . This picture was taken in Hyderabad when I went home to meet my parents. You can see how this railway station looks from outside here. You get to see/meet so many diverse people from different classes on any train journey which is an experience in itself.

April 25, 2009

Melting moments

VJ ::
location: Fusion 9
Date: 4th April 2009
Occasion- My friend's daughter's first birthday
Loved this picture because previously one of my friend's had taken a similar picture and I was wondering how he could get such a picture, now when I captured a similar image, I know for sure how he did it. Believe me, its as simple as saying- 'Light off- Camera- Focus'...
Shillu :: For those of you who have been checking our blog and encouraging us - Thank you for your patience in putting up with us. We promise to be regular from June onwards. Life has been hectic working across time zones. Here is a beautiful wall clocks display at work.

April 16, 2009

Beat the heat

Shillu :: Vj has been busy relocating & preparing for his wedding. Hence we have not been good at updating the blog. I have decided to go ahead and post "solo" till VJ is back in the groove.
What you see in this picture is tender coconut. Best refreshing drink on a hot summer day. Vendors pile these up by the road for sale. You can choose which coconut you want & also mention your preference - Coconuts with more water or ones with water & tender flesh. I prefer the first choice, what about you? You can read more about them here.

April 10, 2009

Architecture from different parts of the globe

Shillu :: This is the picture of Kachiguda railway station in Hyderabad taken early in the morning. I love the way the morning sun rays are trying to peep out in the background.
VJ :: Millennium dome- A memorable landmark that was visible from my office on 8 Canada Square. This signature space plays the host to some the most prestigious concerts and exotic restaurants. All in all, I would say that it my must see place in London...

April 9, 2009

Art work

Shillu :: What you see here are the tools of Bidri artist who is half way thru creating a beautiful handicraft. Birdi ware originates from Bidar in Karnataka state (India). The metal used is a blackened alloy of zinc and copper inlaid with thin sheets of pure silver. You can read more about this unique art here.
VJ :: Look at this picture. Walking into this palatial building called the 'Chatsworth' castle, I was pleasantly amazed with this image on the wall. Now, look at this picture one more time, you think it is real or a painting? I would not put my money on someone who would call it real?

April 7, 2009

Interesting people

VJ :: When I was taking pictures for the London Bicycle event, I came across a couple who, very enthusiastically opted to be photographed. They loved the way I asked them to pose and instantly attained a celebrity status with the flash..flash..flash....have you ever felt that way ?
Shillu :: Artist at work, hand carving a wooden elephant to be sold at a handicrafts fair.

April 6, 2009


Shillu :: Thai green fish curry with steamed rice, Bharan's favourite lunch, He can eat this everyday without getting bored!
VJ :: Plates- What a way to preserve the history? These are the plates from the Victorian era stuck onto the wall and are on display...