April 28, 2009

Unity in diversity

VJ :: I woke up early on of the Saturday morning and started wandering with my camera and spotted this old mosque, which was probably 300 years old, if not more. What next, captured it and here you go...the rising sun coupled with a faint light played the perfect backdrop for this image.
Shillu :: A busy Indian railway platform . This picture was taken in Hyderabad when I went home to meet my parents. You can see how this railway station looks from outside here. You get to see/meet so many diverse people from different classes on any train journey which is an experience in itself.


Corinne Rodrigues said...

Hi Vijay and Shillu

Came here via Vijay's Facebook note and loved your blog - wonderful concept/ pictures and of course friendship!

There's an 'award' for you waiting on my blog!