April 29, 2009

Traditional Indian dance ballet-1

Shillu :: Brace yourself to watch some breathtaking pictures the next couple of days from VJ. When I looked at this collection I decided that these are too precious to be coupled with any of my pics. So I will only post VJ's pics for the next couple of days.

Panchamrutam - My fiancee and I went to watch a Bharatnatyam Dance Ballet called 'Ashoka'- meaning 'end of sorrow' and based on the life of King Ashoka. Various dancers young and old, held the audience captive with their enthralling expressions, gracious moves, apt mudras and above all, an outstanding performance..three cheers to the team 'Mangeeram' who presented this fusion dance ballet at Shilpa Kala Vedika on the occasion of Sree Rama Navami... VJ