January 8, 2009

A thing of beauty...

...is a joy forever
VJ :: London Architectural Marvel- The Gherkin Building, also known as the Swiss Re Tower symbolised the start of a new high-rise construction boom in London. Located in London's main financial district, this building is 180 meters tall.
Shillu :: Shopping in India is an exciting experience for me when compared to shopping in the west where all stores have similar merchandise. Don't get me wrong - I love shopping anywhere in the world (I did my bit last couple of months to American & French retail stores by shopping madly)! Whats different about India is that each store is very colorful, you could shop in one area for years & you will still discover new treasures tucked away in some corner of some galli (By-lane) that you will swear was never there. Whats more, You can bargain with the vendors.
The vibrant picture below is of Bandhini silk sarees (Tie & Dye) from Jaipur.


Prashanti :) said...

love the colours and ya I swear I soooo love shopping in india just because of the vibrancy of the stuff you choose from ....its never the same sauntering thru high end malls flipping thru tops off the hangers:) btw love the "about me "

VJ-Shillu said...

Thank you Prashanti. I agree with you - I love shopping & bargaining for fun ;-)