January 11, 2009

Red & Pink

VJ :: ' Spicy'. Red chillies have been my favourite subjects for sometime now. They appeal to me and now, my camera too. I took this picture on my first visit to Borough Market in London. My colleagues at office told me that, if I was interested in food photography,I must to go there.
Shillu :: Flowers brighten any girls day, they brighten any room. I love decorating my house with Flowers in Urli's/urn's. This tiny urn is on my desk in front of a couple of God's idols. I try and decorate it with flowers everyday. It brightens my desk & I love the freshness and color it brings to my busy desk. You will see more of my Urn n flowers pics in the days ahead.


anudivya said...

Those are gorgeous pics! What kind of camera do you use? Or is that a trade secret? ;)

VJ-Shillu said...

Anudivya: VJ uses a fancy olympus camera with different lens. I use a Sony 7.2 MP point & shoot cam. Thank you :)