September 1, 2009

Inspiration for home decorations

Shillu :: Water lily outside my favourite boutique in Bangalore. I love the color of this one. This was growing in a nice huge urn, that's when it struck me - I don't need a huge pond for water lilies. I will have a water lily urn on my terrace once our new house is ready.
VJ :: Last week, I visited my friends place. It is one of those houses that has a sense of warmth, which is defined by colors. From Lamps to lamination's, pottery to paintings, from candles to curtains, furniture to flowers and last but not the least, the way the things were displayed to the decor,every element has a story to tell.The best of all if yet to come, it was even more impressive to learn that some of these things were customized and home-made. Someone correctly said, 'Home is where the heart is'? Do you agree.